3 comments on “Wishing You a Lifetime of Great Sleep

  1. Vaughan Merlyn says:

    Congratulations, Morris! I started my blog 7 years ago – it’s been an incredibly rewarding journey for me – and hard work! When I have trouble sleeping at night (very rare!) I find no better solace and productive means of relaxation than working on my blog.

    Very much looking forward to following this blog – it’s already in my Google Reader!

    • Vaughan, man, I so appreciate your kind comments. Thank you! I am new at this blogging thing. Could you kindly send me the web address for your blog? Would be most interested in reading it. Curious to know if it contains any of our RRFC experiences. Cheers!

      • Vaughan Merlyn says:

        Morris, you can find my blog at http://vaughanmerlyn.com/

        It does contain some management lessons learned from RRFC – enter “rock and roll” in the search box to the top right of any page. I was also the “official” blogger for Gibson Guitars at the camp one year, and for David Fishof one year, but I don’t know if those blogs are still around.

        Anyway, good luck to you. If you want to chat about some of the lessons I’ve learned, let me know.

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