May the PAP Be With You

Good evening!  My final act of the night before taking off for REM City:  to share a couple of great photos sent to me this afternoon by my good ol’ college friend and former bandmate, Ken, a Kansas Citian, bassist, fellow Jayhawk hoops fan, and Star Wars obsessive.

My last post featured photos of a bunch of bad guys in masks.  Here now are some good guys.

Where do you think all of Han Solo’s energy came from?


And why do you think the Force is so strong with Princess Leia?


Again, keep in mind, most people don’t need full face masks and can get away with small nasal masks or nasal pillow systems.  And you don’t need to use the CPAP device until you’re in bed and ready to sleep.

More serious posts will resume shortly.  Enjoy your dreams tonight, y’all!

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