Fall-Asleep News Blooper; Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Hoping everyone had a great weekend!  It was an absolutely gorgeous one out here in the Pacific Northwest!

Nothing profound or heavy for you tonight, I’m afraid.  It’s Cinco de Mayo, you know, so tonight should be about celebration, not science!  In that spirit, then, please enjoy this Twin Cities’ KARE 11 news blooper, in which an early morning anchor, Eric Perkins, appears to have awakened, uh, perhaps a little too early one morning.  I love his attempt at an on-air recovery upon realizing that he had just dozed off in front of the camera!

This serves as a gentle reminder to get proper amounts of sleep and, particularly if you work during hours other than the traditional 9-to-5, keep your sleep schedules as regular as you can between workdays and non-workdays.  Otherwise you may end up falling asleep by accident when you really shouldn’t be.

Cheers and have a great evening!

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