Welcome to the Sleep Help Desk!  I’m Dr. Morris Chang, a physician sleep specialist in the Seattle area.  I love the practice of sleep medicine, and spends much of his time helping patients through their clinical problems.  I am also a proud Kansan, Jayhawk, husband, father, musician, and author.

My story can be found by clicking “About Dr. Morris” to the right of your screen, under “Topics.”

Some random trivia:

1.  My corporate vehicle is a 2005 Mustang.  My first car:  1972 red Volkswagon Squareback.

2.  I washed (hundreds of thousands of) dishes for college money and flight time.

3.  Favorite teriyaki place in the entire world (and I’ve eaten it everywhere, including in Japan):  Sarku in Tukwila, Washington.  WHAT is in that sauce?

4.  I was a senior at the University of Kansas when KU won the 1988 NCAA men’s basketball national championship.  I’ll never forget the huge Mt. Oread party afterwards.

5.  I worked medical triage at the 1994 Woodstock Festival in Saugerties, New York.  Mike Dirnt stopped by our triage tent after Green Day’s huge mud fight with the audience.  (I’m the guy in the white rain poncho on the left side of this photo)


6.  My wife and I gave our children solid, time-tested classic boys’ names:  Nathaniel and Colin.

7.  I was named after my father’s best friend and mentor, Morris Boucher.

8.  I do have a soft spot for pop music from time to time.  Lately I have pulled out some Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, and Bruno Mars.

9.  Fun names of some bands I’ve been in:  Secret Service, Y B Reasonable, Ignorance Is Bliss, Replayer, Mind the Gap, Wild Oates, and (believe it or not) Chairman Mo.

10.  Names of the bands I current play in (they’re both Brazilian):  VamoLa! and Show Brazil!.

11.  I’ve had pizza all over this dang country, but my very favorite remains Knolla’s Pizza in Wichita, Kansas.

12.  Most breathtaking place visited thus far:  Santorini, Greece.

13.  I’ve visited all but 7 United States.  Some time soon I need to knock down Alabama, Alaska, North and South Dakota, Montana, South Carolina, and Georgia.

14.  Instruments learned in my life, in chronological order:  piano, clarinet, alto saxophone, drums, percussion.

15.  My first musical memories:  country/western in south central Wisconsin.  Cash, “Gentleman Jim,” Twitty, and Roy; Roy Acuff; Tex Ritter; Eddy Arnold; Leroy Van Dyke; Patsy and Minnie.  Now I’ve come full circle.  I love today’s country artists:  Luke, Jason, Kenny, Keith, Brad, and Blake; Billy Currington; Gloriana; Colt Ford; Easton Corbin; FGL; Thompson Square; Zac Brown.  Great stuff, all of it.

16.  First rock-n-roll song I remember ever hearing:  “On the Run” by Pink Floyd, from my uncle’s turntable.

17.  I have a huge list of to-dos reserved for when I retire:  sculpting classes; cave  and wreck diving; photography with my dad’s old Rolleiflex and Leica cameras; more traveling.  I trust I will still have the energy.

18.  Don’t watch much TV.

19.  Love Game of Thrones on DVD.

20.  I go to bed around 10:30 p.m. and awaken around 6:30 a.m.  80-90% of the time.

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