April Fool’s Day Wake-Up Pranks

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone!


Nothing serious to write about today, really.  Instead, in honor of this very special day, I present to you some videos of people being punked awake.

Before you click on the videos below, however, please read and heed the following disclaimers:

1.  You must have a reasonable sense of humor to watch these.  If you don’t, please do not click on them.

2.  I do not condone these pranks, and I definitely do not recommend that you try any of these or similar pranks at home.

3.  A couple of these clips feature some harsh language.  Consider yourself warned.  Do not click on these videos if you’re sensitive to such things.

With all that said, let us begin, shall we?

Firecrackers can be very effective alarm clocks. (There are a couple of bad words here)

Here’s another example of the utility of firecrackers:

Air horns are also excellent awakening tools.

Sometimes an air horn wake-up prank can go terribly wrong, however–particularly if your victim happens to be a judo master.  Witness if you dare:

Not interested in getting clocked while executing your practical joke?  Well, if you don’t have access to an air horn, a machine gun allows you to awaken your loved one from a safe distance.

How about awakening to find an unfamiliar face in your bed?  (There’s a naughty word or two here)

Here’s a great one involving an “oncoming truck:”

Finally, here is my all-time favorite video wake-up prank, also from a moving vehicle.  The victim’s facial expression is priceless.

Be careful where you sleep tonight.  Cheers!